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KVEC Staff
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Breathitt and Jackson Independent Principals were among the first in the state to successfully complete the TeachScape Proficiency Exam

Abbie Combs
Educator Effectiveness Lead
Jennifer Carroll
PGES Coordinator

KVEC SUMMER 2013/14 PGES PowerPoint Presentations and Training Documents

NOTE: These documents were used in earlier trainings. Most remain relevant, however TPGES Ky. Framework and the PPGES Handbook have been updated. Refer to 2014/15 documents for current materials. These post have been left in place to record change over time.

Teacher Growth and Effectiveness System (TPGES)

Framework Session

Observation Session

Professional Growth and Reflection Session

Student Growth Session

Student Voice Session

Parking Lot Questions/Answers (SUMMIT)

Principal Growth and Effectiveness System (PPGES)