Year 1 school and district leadership networks was focused on building a strong foundation for alll particpants. Year 2 will focus on IMPLEMENTATION. As all of our districts begin to teach to the KCAS, there needs to be concrete and explicit guidance on effective classroom practices around the standards. This means that the CONTENT Networks will be spending more time ‘trying out’ lessons, strategies, tasks, and assessments and that the SCHOOL and DISTRICT Leader Networks will be spending time on how to support effective practices—whether it be through removing barriers, providing clear and descriptive feedback that will move teachers in their practice, considering policies focused on student competencies and opportunities around the standards, and refining curricula.
One of the recurring requests to KDE leadership this year has been for the SCHOOL and DISTRICT Leaders to meet TOGETHER in a shared network, instead of separately. Additionally, those same leaders requested more direct work/communication with the KDE Regional Content Specialists to ensure consistency between networks. In order to respond to those needs in this critical implementation year, changes have been made in the prinicipal and supervisor network.
Changes include:1. There will be a COMBINED School and District Leader network in each of the Education Cooperative regions. 2.The NEW combined “Instructional Support Leadership Networks” will meet for ½ days, 6 times during the academic year (prior to each of the content network meetings in Sept, Oct, Nov, Jan, Feb and March) and probably 1-2 full days each summer3.The KDE Content Specialists assigned to each cooperative region will facilitate a significant portion of each of those meetings—making school and district leaders aware of what the teacher leaders will be doing monthly and focusing on how they can support the teacher leaders.
I will be facilitating the ISLN network in the KVEC region. It is imperative that I recieve eachdistricts list of participants ASAP. Please reply to this e-mail with the names of your three central office supervisiors and three building principals. These individuals should have the skillscollaborate with the teacher network participants to bring back information to your entire district.
Our dates for the 6 ISLN meetings are as follows. The location is at the First Federal Building in Hazard. The first meeting will be with all identified central office supervisors and principals. Atthat meeting you will help me determine if there is a need to spit the group into two smallergroups.

Meeting Schedule and Location:

September 15th (9:00-12:00)
Documents Day 1

October 19th and 20th

Documents Day 2


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January 2012 ISLN Presentation Materials